First and foremost ... Nak ucapkan rasa Syukur Alhamdulillah ke hadrat Ilahi atas segala nikmat & rezeki yang Dia limpahkan kepada kita semua .. Syikin rasa sangat-sangat happy because last month, lahirnya seorang Diamond Sales Manager yang baru dalam team Syikin and of course in GLAM as well.

A Big applause to my dear business partner Faeza Zainuddin yang sudah berjaya meraih pangkat Diamond Sales Manager di mana ianya merupakan pangkat ketiga tertinggi dalam Plan Pemasaran Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd. Nak Tahu berapa banyak percent bonus as a DSM ? It's 31% .. Banyak tak uols?? Of course memang banyak and mana-mana company belum tentu mampu nak bagi bonus tinggi macam nie kan!!

Another thing to highlight here is, what I really adore with DSM Faeza is her spirit. Dalam Berpantang pun boleh buat sales and at the same time terus dapat naik pangkat DSM. Her sales mencanak-canak naik and also her team too .. She never easily give up ... Have a very positive attitude and never fail to give a full commitment towards business .. She also a very responsible leader towards her business partners too ... Another good attitude as a leader .. I'm really proud to have her as my business partner and of course deeply inside my heart, I knew she will become a shining star and also a shining diamond in my team .. 

Congratulations again to you sweetheart .. Keep up a good work and let's bring more diamonds in our team .. May Allah ease our journey to success and I wish all your dreams come true .. Welcome to THE DIAMOND CLUB ... Let's bring it on babe!! 

If uols are looking for opportunity to change your life, this business is an answer. Be part of GLAMPRENEUR and we will walk and work together to achieve your dreams.

Feel free to contact me at 013-7220143 for more details.

Syikin Salleh 


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