Assalamualaikum wbt ..

Hola uols ... 

Entry kali nie Syikin nak kenalkan bintang-bintang yang bergemerlapan dalam kumpulan Syikin .. Hebat tak bunyinya! Of course they are all diamonds .. bakal JUTAWAN MUDA .. I feel proud to have them in my team .. Imagine, from unknown, kenal pun melalui social media, then become close not only for business , it is more than that .. the friendship, trust, believe and support each other and also the teamwork and commitment that we give each other .. 

Therefore, i wanna uols to meet and know them and if you done mind, uols can follow them at their Facebook account, Instagram or blog .. And if they live nearby you and you are interested with any of our products or business opportunity, you may contact them too .. 

                                                           TEAM JOHOR 

                         DSM FAEZA ZAINUDIN 
                         JOHOR BAHRU

                         SM IEYDA SYANIDA
                         TAMPOI/JOHOR BAHRU

                         SM EIDA ARIEDA
                         TEBRAU, JOHOR BAHRU

                         SM FAZLUN RAHMAN
                         KULAIJAYA/JOHOR BAHRU

                         SSM FAZLIN RAHMAN
                         TEBRAU/JOHOR BAHRU

                         SM SABARIAH AHMAD
                         TAMPOI/JOHOR BAHRU

                         SM RAFIDAH YUNOS
                         KLUANG/BATU PAHAT

                                                           TEAM KUALA LUMPUR/SELANGOR

                         SSM JULIANA JALIL
                         SHAH ALAM/KL

                         SM SHOPIAH AYUB
                         SHAH ALAM/KL

                                                            TEAM SINGAPORE

                        SM NURIMAN ZULAIKHA

                            SM DHEA @ ALYAH INSYIRAH

The beautiful ladies in my team .. We have a different background and experiences but in business, we have a same common dreams .. As a GLAMPRENEUR and also THE DIAMOND CIRCLE member, teamwork are everything .. Together Everyone Achieve More .. Nak berjaya, kena buat sama-sama, bantu satu sama lain, bagi semangat pun sama-sama .. 

To all my partners, I dedicate this quotes to uols .. Alhamdulillah, rasa bersyukur Allah ketemukan kita dalam business dan group ini .. Insya Allah, dengan semangat yang Kita ada , kejayaan tetap akan jadi milik kita bersama ... Just believe that we can make it happen..

And to those out there who wanna be part of us and wanna start your journey to success and make your dreams come true, do not hesitate to contact me or my partners .. Make your first step .. My partners and I are happy to assist you ..

Jumpa anda di puncak kejayaan!

Syikin Salleh 


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