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Hi uols ...

Semalam Syikin ada group discussion with team bakal DSM Sis Fazlin Rahman and also her partner SSM Sabariah Ahmad. Actually our first plan is to had a dinner at BIGFOOD Restaurant at Taman Nong Chik. Unfortunately, full house pulak malam tue so we decided to have a dinner at OLIVE MUSICAFE . Sebenarnya, dah lama tak datang area Nong Chik nie and tak tahu pun kewujudan cafe nie .. Dari luar nampak macam menarik so we decided to have a dinner here ..


First time melangkah ke dalam cafe nie, Syikin memang impress dengan decoration dalam dan luar cafe .. Seriously memang selesa sangat-sangat .. Setiap meja ada recycled piring hitam as a big coaster and also small CDs .. Kreatif kan diorang nie .. Service pulak memang tip top .. another thing that make us very impress is they took orders  use IPad .. Advance kan diorang nie .. Kagum kakak dibuatnya .. 


About foods, they served western foods .. From pasta, lasagna, spaghetti, desserts and many more ..
Frankly speaking , makanan kat situ memang sedap uols .. We are All very satisfied with the foods .. Syikin try spaghetti carbonara and sememangnya sangat marvellous rasanya .. 

                                             Spaghetti Carbonara 

                                                  Beefs Lasagna 

                                                Macaroni Cheese 

                                           Chicken Creamy Soup

For your info, OLIVE MUSICAFE also have a live band .. We are unlucky coz that night do not have live band.. They mention it only available on Friday to Sunday .. Next time can plan to go there again and layan live band pulak .. Best kan! 

                                                     Live band stage 

Jom kita tengok apa lagi yang menarik kat OLIVE MUSICAFE nie .. 

                                                   Big screen TV at wall

                                             Koleksi gitar tergantung kat dinding .. 

                                        Lukisan, piring hitam dan menu 

                                                 Outdoor corner 

                              Me, Azzalea Sofia, Sis Fazlin and Saba after dinner 

Kawan-kawan yang tinggal area Johor Bahru, I would recommend uols to try and feel the atmosphere at this cafe ... Definitely different from others ... Kafe nie dah beroperasi hampir 4 bulan and if uols nak datang, they open their business from 5pm till night .. Nak ajak Syikin join sekali pun boleh .. Hehehe ..

Overall, everything are awesome here ... Syikin bagi 4.5 bintang and Congrats to the owner who successfully make a difference from others cafe yang Syikin pernah pegi sebelum nie .. Thumbs Up!! More info, uols boleh check at their FB Pages : OLive Musicafe 

Rasanya, thats All for today ... If ada tempat yang lain yang menarik kat JB nie, I will be happy to share with you here ,.. See uols soon! 

** Credit to my daughter Alya Zahra for taking most of the picture here .. She just 4 years old but very creative and looks professional when taking picture .. Proud of you sweetheart ** 

Syikin Salleh 



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