Sunday, 14 December 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt .

Hola uols .. Disebabkan too excited so Hari nie nak buat teaser for TDC Leaders photoshoot .. 

Tak nak cerita panjang, so Syikin share some pictures or moments from today photoshoot .. By the way, our theme for this photoshoot is smart casual and for colors will be grey, yellow and black.
Jom cuci mata tengok gambar kitorang ye .. Yang official later baru Syikin post .. 

All this photos was taken using my IPhone 6 .. Tak sabar nak tunggu gambar yang lain-lain from the photographer..

last picture nie of course dengan our famous and wanted photographer tak lain tak bukan Hafiz Atan .. Banyak Syikin belajar dgn beliau hari nie ... Especially face expression... Hehe .. Abaikan gambar muka macam tue ye sebab urat-urat muka dah tegang ... Hahahahahaha ..

Okay uols .. Enjoy the pictures and moments and see uols soon ...

Thank You and happy reading ..

Syikin Salleh

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